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How to watch US Netflix from outside US

Step 1: Download Google Chrome, setup it and then come back to Uscardcode.com in Chrome.

Step 2: Download the ZenMate Chrome Extension from here by clicking the free button.

Step 3:  enter your E-Mail in the new window that opened up.


Step 4:  Click the shield icon next to Google Chrome’s Search Bar as seen here: 


Next, Click the Change location button at the bottom left, and select the United States


Step 5: Last step! Simply make sure you have the switch at the bottom right turned on, as seen here.


Is is done! You’ll now enjoin that TV Shows/Movies that weren’t available before…


IMPORTANT: Make sure you click “Off” when you’re done. Leaving ZenMate on will slow your connection (and others using zenmate) down.

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