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HBO's lineup keeps on invigorating with the same number of awesome movies included as those that are terminating - with bounty to love this month, to help ensure you get the most out of your membership, we've picked our 5 most loved films accessible on HBO in Feb. On the off chance that you didn't know how to watch films on HBO now and HBO pass by iTunes Digital Code, please visit uscardcode.com

Here are the 5 best motion pictures on HBO in February:

Three Kings

ThThree King

Three Kings is a war motion picture which, as it moves ever less-calmly along, endeavors to make sense of what a war motion picture even is any longer. Set at the butt-end of the Gulf War, the film starts as an odd bacchanalia of weariness, twisting through a modest bunch of classes and Desert Storm misfortunes to arrive, definitely, at the conclusion that, Oh, Yeah, Actually Turns Out War Isn't Boring Ever.

Stupid and Dumber

Stupid and Dumber

Without the mental aptitude required to completely appreciate the immense world around them, working on minimal more than young horniness and dangers of joblessness (in addition to the picture of an executed parakeet), Harry and Lloyd joyfully wind up associated with a capturing trick concerning the spouse of affluent beneficiary Mary Swanson (Lauren Holly). It works out as one may expect—in that it doesn't work out, and that doesn't make a difference—however not without building up a considerable measure to love in these two dipshits, influencing its spin-off of feel tenaciously cowardly by examination.

The Terminator

The Terminator

Schwarzenegger is playing entropy itself—entropy apparently a topic of The Terminator arrangement, since its getting late bouncing second chances, reboots, and retreads since. You can decimate an eliminator, yet the future (evidently determined by film industry receipts) declines to be changed.

John Wick: Chapter 2

They're everything that G.I. Joe or Fast and The Furious never pesters notwithstanding endeavoring to be. So yes, both cinephiles and activity film buffs will be satisfied to realize that John Wick: Chapter 2 is a commendable follow-up to the amazing 2014 unique. Holding the light go from the '80s and '90s John Woo works of art, executive Chad Stahelski conveys an epic artful dance of arm-breaking and weapon individualized structure that by one means or another figures out how to keep running for 122 minutes while never outstaying its welcome.

At the point when the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts

It's political, it's racial, it's accusatory and it's absolutely convincing review. It's additionally moving, on account of the steadfast local people indicated attempting to survive and modify in the debacle's consequence. This is especially a Spike Lee joint; don't expect anybody in the Dubya organization to leave away without a tongue-lashing. Yet, the complete self of the doc is the general population of New Orleans, and they won't let you down

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