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iTunes Match Prepaid Cards 

We offer a solution to register for iTunes Match from outside the US without the need of a real US credit cards which normally required by US iTunes store. By using our iTunes Match prepaid cards, people living from outside USA now can open an iTunes Match account easily within minutes. These prepaid cards will work with any valid US address. We recommend you to not use a forwarding address since it may be used in other accounts and may create an issue when iTunes see duplicated addresses for multiple accounts.

What is iTunes Match?

Basically you pay for Apple iTunes a yearly fee $25 (plus tax) in order to listen to songs over 25,000 songs available in iTunes that are matched to your song collection. You can listen to these songs any time on any device (up to 10) and do not have to pay for them. Even if your original songs are lower quality, all the song from iTunes Match plays back from iCloud at 256-Kbps AAC DRM-free quality.

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