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The All-Time Hottest Moments On ‘The Affair,’ ‘Queer As Folk,’ ‘Homeland’ and More

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1. 'The Affair' Season 1, Episode 4: True To The Title, Ruth And Noah Have An Affair

We were tempted to use one of the many hot hookups between Noah (Dominic West) and Helen (Maura Tierney), but the series is titled The Affair not Marriage on the Rocks.

In this festive sex scene, Noah and Ruth partake in some acrobatic love-making that starts near the winnnnnndows but ends on the wall. What I’m trying to say is that the two get low.

2. 'Queer As Folk' Season 1, Episode 1: Brian Takes Justin's V-Card

They say you never forget your first time, and we’re guessing that goes double for Randy Harrison’s Justin on Queer as Folk. Taking place in the pilot episode, the series wastes no time getting into the steamy stuff as Brian and Justin’s steamy hookup begins in the car but ends in the bedroom.

3. 'Homeland' Season 2, Episode 9: Jess And Mike Rekindle An Old Flame

One of the most buzzed about sex scenes of 2012 was the silent but sultry hookup between Morena Baccarin’s Jessica Brody and Diego Klattenhoff’s Mike Faber. It doesn’t get much more complicated than Jessica and Mike’s relationship. That whole “husband coming back from the dead” thing can be a real mood killer.

The Jessica/Mike romance was reignited in a big way during this classic Season 2 episode.

4. 'Shameless' Season 4, Episode 3: Fiona And Robbie Don't Even Bother To Clear The Table

The Gallagher family has provided us with a lot of laughs during their seven season run, but the series is also known for its seductive side. In the Season 4 episode “Like Father, Like Daughter,” Fiona finds herself embroiled in a sudden affair with her boyfriend’s brother Robbie that begins with an unexpected yet passionate kitchen quickie.

The two are nearly caught, but the thrill of the encounter leads Fiona and Robbie back to the same familiar sexual territory in the very next episode

5. 'The L Word' Season 1, Episode 1: Jenny & Marina's Bathroom Makeout Sesh

Jenny and Marina’s initial rendezvous is on YouTube, but their episode 4 hookup is simply too hot to ignore. Solution? We’ll include them both! While the forbidden bathroom grope session is as steamy as you’d imagine, their climactic tryst at the end of episode four also deserves a special shoutout.

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